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PPI Journal Launch 2023

Artist-led approaches to public pedagogy in the Asia Pacific region, a Special Edition of the Journal of Public Pedagogies
Date and time

Thursday, August 10, 2023 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM AEST

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Forms for Encounter & Exchange: Artist-led approaches to public pedagogy in the Asia Pacific region, a Special Edition of the Journal of Public Pedagogies 

This event is co-hosted by CAST and Public Pedagogies Insitute.

There is a burgeoning field of artist-led pedagogic practices in the Asia Pacific region that employ forms of shared knowledge production in the public realm as a core ethical responsibility of creative and scholarly practice. From community-led archives to public learning, collective studying to public art interventions, and collaborative approaches to art-making — the range of contexts from which these artist-led public pedagogies arise directly influence their form and the way they are encountered. These artist-led forms for encounter and exchange can engage publics by challenging hegemonies, critiquing power, and engaging communities in civil dialogue about urgent local concerns. While the relationship between socially engaged art and public pedagogy is typically positioned through Eurocentric traditions as an extension of avant-garde art movements, community arts, or popular education, we are interested in practices which emerge in culturally attuned ways in their respective geopolitical contexts and value collective approaches over the individualism often imposed by western art education. 

This special edition aims to stimulate a dialogue between artists, collectives, researchers and organisers engaged in these practices. Guest co-edited by Ferdiansyah Thajib, Marnie Badham, Gatari Surya Kusuma, Diwas Raja Kc and Kelly Hussey-Smith, the articles in this special edition consider the following questions:

• How and why do artists organise through collective forms of public learning?

• How do these practices activate and nurture solidarity?

• How do artists describe and frame these practices in relation to their contexts?

• How do these practices critique and challenge the institutions of art and education?

• How do these forms for encounter and exchange produce and circulate knowledge?

The journal includes contributions from Paola Balla, Jacina Leong, Jill J Tan, Ambika Joshi & Diwas Raja Kc (Computational Mama); Michelle Aung Thin, David Carlin, Francesca Rendle-Short, Melody Ellis, & Lily Trope; ANGA Art Collective, Khoiril Maqin; Anathapindika Dai & Liza Markus (Fugitive Bakery); Riksa Afiaty in conversation with Moelyono; Amelia Wallin, Joel Stern & Channon Goodwin (Disorganising); Jan Brueggemeier & Neal Haslem


1. Journal introduction and welcome – Ferdi Thajib & Kelly Hussey Smith 

2. Dr Paola Balla – Disrupting Artistic Terra Nullius: a focus on the processes and places of repair. Hosted by Ferdi Thajib

3. Short introductions from authors – Jacina Leong; Jill Tan; Melody Ellis and more TBC. Hosted by Marnie Badham

4. Computational Mama workshop – Ambika Joshi hosted by Diwas Raja Kc

5. Short introductions from authors – Khoiril Maqin; Jan Brueggemeier & Neal Haslem and more TBC. Hosted by Marnie Badham

6. Fugitive Bakery performance – Anathapindika Dai & Liza Markus. Hosted by Gatari Surya Kusuma

7. Closing remarks: Karen Charman

(Featured Image: Coffee and the Makers: one of the tools at the School of Improper Education, 2019, KUNCI, image by Agen OH)

Link to register for the launch

Link to Journal

Publicness: Seminar Series

The Public Pedagogies Institute 2021 online seminar series will take place this year from October to November.

The theme for this year is Publicness.

Cost: A$120 full price, A$60 concession
(free for students and unwaged; pay-forward will also operate)

Format: Zoom meeting hosted by Karen Charman, Chairperson PPI

View full program

Registrations are now open, please follow link below to register:

Register now

Week 1

Friday October 8, 10.30 am-12.30 pm

Public Space, Spontaneous Memorials and ‘Everyday’ Cultures of Grief During Covid-19
Deborah Madden

An Exploration of the Politics of Public Statues –their Installation, Denigration and Destruction
Debbie Qadri


Week 2

Friday October 15, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Playspaces in public places: The ethical and social challenges of a pop up urban playspace in Melbourne, Australia
Mary-Rose McLaren and colleagues

Publicness and pages: co-publishing with children then and now
Victoria Ryle and Simon Spain


Week 3

Friday October 22, 10.30 am -12.30 pm

Private Life is Public Business
Jaye Early

The Ephemeral Public
Karen Charman and Mary Dixon


Week 4

Friday October 29, 10.30 am-12.30 pm

The Mid-Apocalypse of Mass Incarceration: Conceptualizing new Publics by Generating Pedagogies of Publicness
Janelle Grant

Local publics and community-determined action
Helen Rodd


Week 5

Friday, November 5, 10:30am -12:30pm

Forms for Encounter and Exchange: towards a reparative approach to social aesthetics
Kelly Hussey–Smith and Marnie Badham, School of Art, RMIT University accompanied by students and community partners


Week 6

Friday, November 12, 10:30am -12:30pm

Plenary session
Bronwyn Sutton and Debbie Qadri

Journal of Public Pedagogies—Launch
Guest Editors: Jennifer Sandlin and Jake Burdick

Theory and Methods for Public Pedagogy Research

New Book Release:

Theory and Methods for Public Pedagogy Research
Karen Charman and Mary Dixon

Theory and Methods for Public Pedagogy Research introduces promising new methods of public pedagogy research centered around transforming rather than explaining knowledge. The new methods are premised on a new theorisation of public pedagogy which recognises the educative agent. The agency of the public to speak, to be heard, to know is manifest as the educative agent speaks their knowledge and the researcher must be attentive to that speaking. This book will be of interest to researchers and students in the field of public education and teaching in a variety of social science and arts disciplines, and education.

A 20% discount on book purchase is available – see link to flyer below for further details.


Towards a Port Arlington Curriculum

A new publication by the Public Pedagogies Institute, Towards a Port Arlington Curriculum, is now available. Based on the work of the Institute and the Pop Up School project undertaken in Port Arlington, Victoria. The Institute worked with Citizen Researchers in the local area in the process of completing the project.

Public Pedagogies Institute, 2020

Karen Charman, Mary Dixon, Robyn Bellingham, Jayson Cooper

Citizen researchers:

Download Towards a Port Arlington Curriculum

A Walk Through Justice

Meg Cotter and Richard Dove of Wyndham Community and Education Centre were recently awarded a  Police Community Exemplary Award at the Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence, for their project Wyndham Citizen’s Academy: A Walk through Justice.

The Public Pedagogies Institute would like to congratulate Meg and Richard for their great work and the recognition it has received.

The project will also be discussed in their presentation at our upcoming conference Walking and Talking Public Pedagogies, November 28-29, 2019. Details here

A video of the Wyndham Citizens’ Academy Graduation, recorded and developed by Victoria Police, can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/eyewatchwyndham/videos/vb.134404370080550/418695362089395/?type=3&theater

“Wyndham Citizen’s Academy: A Walk through Justice is a ground-breaking program, led by Wyndham Community and Education Centre, which provided fifteen culturally diverse community leaders, residing in Wyndham, with a first-hand of experience of Victoria’s Justice System. From Victoria’s State Parliament to the Sunshine Magistrates Court; from Wyndham North Police Station to the Metropolitan Remand Centre – and even The Age Newspaper – these dynamic leaders experienced it all.”

A short documentary outlining the project can also be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxGwjjPxagg

Towards a Werribee Curriculum

The Towards a Werribee Curriculum document is now available for download on our site here.

From the authors:

We sought to find the knowledge that comes from the community. This document is a record of the knowledge that is circulating now in 2018 in Werribee, Victoria. We decided to use the term curriculum as ‘curriculum documents’, as used by educational institutions, reflect a full body of knowledge.

The authors recognize that this is not complete – the task of accessing all the knowledge of every individual and every place in Werribee is larger than our capabilities.

The ‘Towards a Werribee Curriculum’ booklet contains a brief description of each area of knowledge illustrated by photographs from Werribee. ‘Towards a Werribee Curriculum’ will be of interest to those who wish to know Werribee and to local schools and community organisations.

Download Towards a Werribee Curriculum

PACT: Portable Art Connections Toolkit

Portable Art Connections Toolkit (PACT) is a kit for creating a collective experience of making stories and artwork about the things that matter to you and your community.

PACT provides tools for building creative agency and ethical storytelling, wrapped up in a hi-vis kitbag. It packages a starter set of props with a detailed user manual, prompting people to work together to make and share stories about things that are important to them. You can follow the workshop plan from the manual, or adapt it to use whatever elements are useful to your group and situation.

The user manual includes introductory information and a sequence of four workshops. There is an overview page for each of the four sessions, which expands out into a set of activities and discussion prompts to help activate the kit and facilitate the group’s collective experience. Each PACT artkit comes with six print copies of the user manual included and is suitable for use suits use with up to five participants, plus a facilitator. If you plan on working with a larger group, add more kits.

PACT aims to make visible how the practice of creativity is an enabler of personal, social, and collective agency. It was designed for young people aged 12 – 21 who have an interest in art or creative production of any kind, but you can use it with older or younger people too.

We’re giving away 200 artkits free of charge (including postage within Australia), so pop over to our website to find out more & request a kit! We’re hoping people will also use the website as a space to share images or blog about things they’ve done using the kit.

Vist us: www.pactup.org

Request the PACT artkit or start a conversation using the contact form on our About page.

The Story of the Disability Pride Mural in Footscray

Public Pedagogies Institute Conference 2018
November 22-23
Footscray, Melbourne

Social Activism and Public Pedagogies
Thursday November 22, 1.30-3.00pm

The Disability Pride mural project was led by Larissa MacFarlane and created by a large team of contributing artists. Barely a week after hundreds of hours were spent putting up the mural, the creators were shocked to find it had been removed.

Presenters Debbie Qadri and Larissa MacFarlane will tell the extraordinary story of the Disability Pride Mural in Footscray (the first of its kind in Australia), of its accidental removal . . . days later, and subsequent re-instatement!

This presentation will explore the meanings of the mural for the artists involved in making it, as well as how the art creates public pedagogy reflecting diverse experiences of disability.

View the Mural:
If you get a chance while at the conference or on your way, please take a look at the mural. It is located between Footscray Station and the Campus at:

Telstra Exchange building, 201 Nicholosn St Footscray
Google Map

For more information about the mural see:

Continuing the theme of social activism this presentation will be followed by:

Activist Art as Embodied Public Pedagogy for Social Change
by Shalin Krieger

Social Movement as Public Pedagogy: The Case of Adivasis
by Alankrita Chhikara

This session will include both a local and international focus around activist art, social movements, and public spaces.

This session is part of:

Public Pedagogies Institute Conference 2018
November 22-23
Footscray, Melbourne

Register for the conference here