Towards a Werribee Curriculum

The Towards a Werribee Curriculum document is now available for download on our site here.

From the authors:

We sought to find the knowledge that comes from the community. This document is a record of the knowledge that is circulating now in 2018 in Werribee, Victoria. We decided to use the term curriculum as ‘curriculum documents’, as used by educational institutions, reflect a full body of knowledge.

The authors recognize that this is not complete – the task of accessing all the knowledge of every individual and every place in Werribee is larger than our capabilities.

The ‘Towards a Werribee Curriculum’ booklet contains a brief description of each area of knowledge illustrated by photographs from Werribee. ‘Towards a Werribee Curriculum’ will be of interest to those who wish to know Werribee and to local schools and community organisations.

Download Towards a Werribee Curriculum