PACT: Portable Art Connections Toolkit

Portable Art Connections Toolkit (PACT) is a kit for creating a collective experience of making stories and artwork about the things that matter to you and your community.

PACT provides tools for building creative agency and ethical storytelling, wrapped up in a hi-vis kitbag. It packages a starter set of props with a detailed user manual, prompting people to work together to make and share stories about things that are important to them. You can follow the workshop plan from the manual, or adapt it to use whatever elements are useful to your group and situation.

The user manual includes introductory information and a sequence of four workshops. There is an overview page for each of the four sessions, which expands out into a set of activities and discussion prompts to help activate the kit and facilitate the group’s collective experience. Each PACT artkit comes with six print copies of the user manual included and is suitable for use suits use with up to five participants, plus a facilitator. If you plan on working with a larger group, add more kits.

PACT aims to make visible how the practice of creativity is an enabler of personal, social, and collective agency. It was designed for young people aged 12 – 21 who have an interest in art or creative production of any kind, but you can use it with older or younger people too.

We’re giving away 200 artkits free of charge (including postage within Australia), so pop over to our website to find out more & request a kit! We’re hoping people will also use the website as a space to share images or blog about things they’ve done using the kit.

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