Activist Public Pedagogies for the Post-Truth Moment

We are very excited to share the abstract for Jake Burdick’s Keynote presentation for the 2018 Public Pedagogies Institute conference:

Beneath Reason:
Activist Public Pedagogies for the Post-Truth Moment

The contemporary cultural and political landscape across the globe has been characterized as post-truth, a term that signifies both the ascendance of ideology-as-knowledge and the outright dismissal of any claims stemming from intellectualism, inquiry, or empirical evidence that does not align with the dominant position. As such, spaces of formal education, which trade heavily in these currencies of knowledge, have lost much of their effectiveness as sites of questioning and resistance. In this talk, I provide a brief overview of the post-truth moment and its seduction of educational spaces, and to respond, I discuss approaches to activist public pedagogies and historical knowledge traditions that have operated beyond reason-based forms of critique and protest. Bringing these concepts into dialogue, I discuss how we might reconceptualize activism via its affective, embodied, imaginative, and aesthetic approaches to ethical living and cultural difference.

Jake Burdick will be the Keynote speaker on Day One of the Public Pedagogies Institute Conference on November 22, 2018.

Transmissions—knowledges and public spaces
Public Pedagogies Institute Conference 2018 
November 22-23, Footscray, Melbourne

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