Exquisite Me

Public Pedagogies Institute member Debbie Qadri is involved in a number of community-based art projects.

Exquisite Me is an arts project she developed that explores the collective experiences, stories and representations of identities of young people in Sunshine and Brimbank. These experiences, stories and representations are explored during various art and writing workshops run by  community artist Debbie Qadri. The artwork and writing is displayed as a large collaborative work, in a number of venues in Sunshine, including Gallery Sunshine Everywhere. Some of the artwork and writing will be published in a zine format and also made into an artist’s book for the Sunshine Library. Workshops are held at schools, community groups and at Council facilities such as the Sunshine Library.

The project thanks the support and involvement of AMES (Adult Migrant Education Services), Marian College, Ardeer Primary School, Sunshine College, Sunshine Library and  Gallery Sunshine Everywhere.

The Exquisite Me Project and Gallery Sunshine Everywhere kindly acknowledges the support of the Brimbank City Council Community Grants Program.

For more information visit the project’s website.





(Images courtesy Debbie Qadri)