Public Pedagogies of Location

Please note: the annual conference will now be run as a series of online seminars throughout October and November 2020.

Public Pedagogies of Location

As the smoke from the country fires permeated the city a renewed relationship arises out of the ashes.  The borders between public and personal, nature and creation, became obscured, perhaps showing ideological relationships to location that are fluid. 

In what ways might relationships to location be pedagogical? Location is critical for a number of reasons. Locations are ignored or privileged; they are positioned against each other, yet we claim our location and location claims us. Locations of protest are contested and behaviour monitored. The ecologies of location are fragile and in need of care, or perhaps attentiveness to these ecologies are strengthening?

This conference theme extends a call to reimagine relationships to location, to engage these blurred boundaries and emergent spaces of location and our relationships to concepts of localism, activism, and pedagogy.

Please email with any proposals or to discuss ideas for the conference.