Public Pedagogies Conference 2018

Transmissions—knowledges and public spaces
2018 Public Pedagogies Institute Conference 
November 22-23, Footscray, Melbourne

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We are pleased to announce our two keynote speakers for the 2018 Public Pedagogies Conference, to be held November 22-23, in Footscray, Melbourne.

Keynote speakers:
Jake Burdick,
Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Curriculum Studies, Purdue University
Charlotte Courtois, Artist,
Founder of French association Konstelacio

Jake Burdick is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum Studies at Purdue University. Jake is the co-editor of the Handbook of Public Pedagogy (Routledge), Complicated Conversations and Confirmed Commitments: Revitalizing Education for Democracy (Educators International Press), and Problematizing Public Pedagogy (Routledge). He has published work in Qualitative Inquiry, Curriculum Inquiry, Review of Research in Education, and Review of Educational Research. His research interests include public and popular sites of education, activist studies, and community knowledge and perceptions of education.

Charlotte Courtois, founder of French association Konstelacio, is fascinated with cultural diversity, a passion that has been guiding her path for numerous years. She has lived in Australia, Spain and Tunisia. The creation of Konstelacio, a non-profit organization, was based on her observing of a strong need of intercultural dialogue education for children. This is the reason why Charlotte went on a 15-month round-the-world trip in 2011-2012, asking more than 200 children from 7 different countries to write stories which would show their culture and traditions (a day at school, a wedding, a birthday…) to other children all around the world. These stories were then illustrated by the children and put together as short storybooks and exchanged between participating children.

Since 2015, Charlotte has been spearheading a project on traditional music, Lyra, gathering 6 musicians from Brittany (France), Tunisia and India, as well as an illustrator, a video director and a sound engineer (see video link).

Call for Submissions

The conference welcomes submissions from artists, people working in the field of community education, academics, and anyone who feels their work fits the realm of learning and teaching outside of formal institutions! We are interested in examples of best practice, as well as theoretical engagement with the term Public Pedagogy. If you would like to run a workshop and we can accommodate you we will.  If you would like to present at the conference please send an abstract and short bio about yourself to by September 30.

Transmissions—knowledges and public spaces

We are interested in how ideas and practices are transmitted in the public sphere. What ideas currently have currency and what sort of public dialogue/practices/frustrations are occurring? How can we make interventions into the application of transmission itself that dominates learning discourses and is reductive and ultimately destructive to publicness—specifically the spaces where we share knowledge, build relationships and create change. This is also a conference that is about engaging what we know, practices that work and ideas that need greater uptake!

We look forward to seeing you at our 2018 conference!