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Global Learning Festival

Co-leads Wyndham City Council and Melton City Council are excited to invite communities and organisations to register events for the second Global Learning Festival, set to occur online from 8-11 November 2021.  Expressions of Interest are now open and events need to be free to the community, run between 8-11 November 2021 in any time zone globally, be held online and be linked to learning in some way.  

You can register your event here, open until September 2021:

Whau Conversations: Hikoi


Wednesday 27th November  11 am – 12 pm,
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Whau Conversations: Hikoi – a walking workshop with artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.

Whau Conversations: Hikoi will consist of a collective walk with artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand presenting to and exchanging insights and reflections with participants in relation to the surrounding site they encounter during that walk. The walking event will take place in the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Melbourne), and focus on the New Zealand section of the gardens, where whau trees endemic to Aotearoa can be seen to grow almost like ‘weeds’ to some. The walk attempts to offer playful reflections alongside political and cultural responses to the artists’ and their participants’ current and former acts of collective walking. More than simply walking, the tactic of engaging in a hikoi will be explored. To hikoi in te reo Māori (the Māori language) is widely considered to walk with a purpose, from educational contexts, to social activities, to art practices, protest campaigns and other contexts. For all of us in this walk we also intend to metaphorically ‘walk backwards into the future’, which is a play on the common Māori proverb ‘ka mua, ka muri’ (walking backwards into the future). This is where while facing forwards in our hikoi, we walk with our tupuna (our ancestors) and our histories who are before us and in facing them and these things through our korero (discussions). We aim to develop new understandings and questions around them in relation to the site in which we are walking in.

Artists walking, presenting and sharing will include Carol Brown (VCA, The University of Melbourne), Christina Houghton (AUT), Alexandra Bonham, Saskia Schut (UTS), Kathy Waghorn (The University of Auckland), Mark Harvey (Mata Waka iwi, The University of Auckland) and guests. 

Hikoi conveners: Kathy Waghorn (The University of Auckland) and Mark Harvey (Mata Waka iwi, the University of Auckland)

This walk will also have a follow up paper session during the conference – details will be available in the conference program.

Please email for a map and further details of the walk.

This event is part of the Walking and Talking Public Pedagogies conference, taking place on November 28-29 at the Footscray Nicholson Street Campus of Victoria University. REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE HERE

Featured image: Drop Kick (collaboration with John Court and Mark Harvey) ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland, 2018

Public Pedagogies masterclass

Public Pedagogies:
an educational alternative?

Public Pedagogies Institute Masterclass 2019 – Peter Alsen M.A.

September 9 and 10, 6.00pm-8.00pm
Victoria University, City Flinders Campus

Registration $40, Register here

It is not a new insight that learning does not only take place in the classroom with an educator who teaches us subjects considered to be essential for our current or future life. Learning and teaching is complex, highly regulated and structured, whether in early childhood settings, in primary and secondary school or at tertiary levels. The purpose of this kind of learning is to involve individuals in the process of skills and knowledge development in order to gain independence and well-being. Everyday experiences in formal learning contexts continually demonstrate that education has become an important discussion in politics and economics, within society and for individuals.

Given this, where else do we learn – if not in the classroom, and what – if not something that is prescribed by curriculum authorities, and from whom – if not from a teacher who is accredited by the government? Indeed, why do we learn– if not for justifiable and socially expected reasons? To address these questions, you are invited to a masterclass which focusses on the concept of Public Pedagogies. Over two evenings, the masterclass will uncover more about Public Pedagogies and discuss educational alternatives to formal learning.

Day 1: Public Pedagogies: an educational alternative?

  1. The emergence of an idea – comparative analyses
  2. Three case studies deconstructed
  3. The basic elements of Public Pedagogies education
  4. What is Public Pedagogies about, part 1 – reviewing current directions of research

Day 2: Public Pedagogies –a response to discrimination and injustice?

  1. What is Public Pedagogies about, part 2 – socio-political inquiries
  2. Public Pedagogies in the intersection of education and the promotion of human rights
  3. Emancipatory education – the impact on individuals and society
  4. The functioning citizen vs the emancipated individual

Peter Alsen M.A.
Peter Alsen is a PhD candidate and research assistant at the School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University. A former early childhood educator, his doctoral research focuses on the intersection of politics, law and education, entitled “Concepts of Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia and Germany.” Peter holds a Masters’ degree in political science, law and psychology with a published monograph in the field of critical legal studies “Human Rights between Universalism and Particularism” (in German).

One of Peter’s major research interests is human rights and their transfer and implementation into everyday life such as social inclusion, equality, individual freedom and political participation. Other areas of concentration are critical legal studies, human social environments, social-pedagogical approaches, various forms of learning and the concept of public pedagogy and its effects on individuals and society. Peter aims to critically re-examine current societal and political environments and to contribute new ideas and concepts for change.

The ethics and politics of research-creation with diverse publics

Presenter: Stephanie Springgay, University of Toronto

Thu., 14 March 2019
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Feminist scholars argue that we need research practices that break with ableist, racist, extractive, and settler colonial logics, and instead focus on ones that are situated, relational, and accountable. As such researchers are urgently turning to new ways of doing research and taking action, including research-creation practices that are responsive to the needs of communities and stewardship. This talk will emphasize the importance of queer feminist, anti-racist, and anti-colonial frameworks influenced by feminist new materialisms, affect theory, and queer theory. To contextualize these situated ways of doing research a number of exemplifications with diverse publics will be shared.

Stephanie Springgay
 is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. She is a leading scholar of research-creation with a focus on walking, affect, queer theory, and contemporary art as pedagogy. Her SSHRC-funded research-creation projects include: WalkingLab ( and The Pedagogical Impulse ( She has published widely on contemporary art, curriculum studies, and qualitative research methodologies

To find out more about this event and book tickets please go to:

Learning and Teaching Through Communities

The Public Pedagogies Institute has released the program for the Learning and Teaching Through Communities symposium to be held on July 25 at the Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Geelong.

The full day schedule includes a program of speakers who are currently working in the field of community-based learning and arts projects. The event will feature a keynote speaker, as well as a range of presentations exploring projects taking place in the Geelong area.

This event is supported by Deakin University and the City of Greater Geelong.

Click here to download the program schedule.

Click here to register for this event.

Exhibition: Drawing the Thesis

The walls of VU at MetroWest will be covered with a PhD thesis, totaling 100,000 words and over 600 original drawings, for an exhibition by PPI member and VU student Debbie Qadri.

Her exhibition is motivated by the idea of sharing research with fellow students at Victoria University and the local community, making it accessible, and subsequently demystifying the thesis

Exhibition opening: Thursday 5 July, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition: 5 – 25 July, 2018

Presentation and workshop: Saturday 21 July, 11am – 1pm

Location: VU at Metrowest, 138 Nicholson Street Footscray

Find out more here

Register Here for the Opening

Register Here for the Workshop

Learning and Teaching Through Communities: Geelong

The Public Pedagogies Institute in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong and Deakin University are pleased to announce a one day symposium Learning and Teaching Through Communities. This event will be held at Deakin University Waterfront Campus on July 25th.

The symposium will explore learning and teaching in community-based settings and environments and will feature a keynote speaker as well as presentations from guest speakers currently working on projects in the Geelong region.

The Symposium’s keynote speaker—Liss Gabb is a creative producer, director, and curator in the field of participatory arts and social justice. Over the past 20 years Liss has developed a socially engaged practice that is based on working in partnership with communities that experience structural disadvantage. Liss provides the artistic leadership for cohealth Arts Generator, an award winning, participatory arts space that is a division of cohealth, one of Australia’s largest community health providers.

The Public Pedagogies Institute (PPI) is committed to Interconnecting public, learning and research. PPI aims to provide a platform for engagement and exchange between practitioners, researchers and organisations working in the areas of learning and teaching in the community or outside formal education institutions.

We aim to increase the profile of work being done in the area of Public Pedagogies, as well as provide an opportunity for connections to be made between community members and researchers who are interested in collaborating on projects.

If you have a project that you would like to present as a part of this day please send a paragraph describing your work to by Friday the 13th of July.

If you are interested in attending please visit our Eventbrite page to register. Places are limited and the cost is $10.00.

Dr Karen Charman

Public Pedagogies Institute