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Towards a Footscray Curriculum

The Public Pedagogies Institute has published a new book based on the research undertaken as part of the Footscray Pop Up School.

The publication is available for free download and will be of interest to educators, researchers, as well as the local community. Print copies will be made available upon request.

Towards a Footscray Curriculum

Karen Charman, Mary Dixon, Robyn Bellingham,
Mathew Thomas, Jayson Cooper

Public Pedagogies Institute, 2017

“The knowledge of a community often goes unrecognized.”

Journal Launch

The Institute launched the new issue of the Journal of Public Pedagogies on Thursday November 23  at the conclusion of the first day of our conference.

The new issue features articles by Belinda MacGill, Yayan Rahayani, John G. Fox, Debbie Qadri, Raffaele Rufo, Karen Charman , Mary Dixon, Robin Bellingham, Matthew Thomas, Jayson Cooper and Greg Giannis.

The range of articles in the issue again captures the diverse work that is taking place today in the area of public pedagogies.

Affective Spaces – the contribution of memory to place

In a research paper delivered at the 2014 Public Pedagogies Day at Victoria University, PPI founding member Dr. Karen Charman examines through a psychoanalytic frame a Memory Space Project (2012) set up for the expressed purpose of evoking memories.

As Charman explains:

As an extension of my interest in learning that occurs outside of formal institutions, such as schools and universities, I have developed a conceptual practice called  A Memory Space.
I have undertaken this approach in Sunshine and Fawkner.  A Memory Space is a physical location in each of these respective suburbs where visitors to the space are encouraged to share a memory. Each of the iterations of this concept has resulted in curating an exhibition that reflects these memories. I am currently writing up these projects and theorizing what is occurring when someone shares a memory.

Psychoanalysis can account for the emergent unstructured reservoirs and contours of memory. Occurring in a memory space is a re-inscribing of the selves that continue to inhabit places. Further, this paper suggests that a psychoanalytic attentiveness to space, psychic interiority and the relationship to the outside world can form a spatial and temporal awareness of place.

Click below to download the 2014 Public Pedagogies Day program:

Public Pedagogies Day 2014