On the Road with PPI: Geelong

Last week we held our PPI General Meeting in Geelong.  It was the first of our three meetings where we leave the suburb of Footscray!

Part of this meeting was enacting public pedagogy.  In this instance we undertook a walk in Corio Norlane in Geelong.  Amanda Stirrat and Tina Grimes have worked with community and school groups to develop Knowing your Place 3214 Walks. We only walked a short distance but in the space of this learnt an enormous amount about Norlane over time.

The experience was really amazing and Amanda, who spoke the significance of the area as we walked, alerted us to the specificities of geographical spaces… instances of architecture, seemingly vacant land, the significance of industry, lost football fields, indigenous connections to the land and the bay, and memory and place.

Amanda’s work is enacting public pedagogy in and around Geelong and I can’t speak more highly of her. I encourage you to take one of the walks.  And as you will see by the images, we ended up in a very cool location for the formal part of our meeting!