Projects 2018

In 2018 the work of the Public Pedagogies Institute will once again be multi-faceted.

We are continuing working on our Knowledge Project, which will this year take place in Point Cook and once again culminate in a Pop Up School event, following on from our previous events held in Footscray and Werribee.

Planning is also underway in 2018 for three other major projects/events:

The Public and Memorialisation—A Public Discussion

This event will interrogate the presence of public representations of memorial spaces such as statues and events. What is our lived experience of what is represented? Is memorialisation affective, is it doing the emotional work for us? Is memorialisation public art/action?  

The Public and Touch—A Walkshop in the City

This will be a participatory immersive event/project. The aim is to deepen the tactile-kinesthetic connection with the body in the space of the city and with the city in the space of the body. What is the built/natural environment doing to me? What is the presence of other people doing to me? How do I relate to the environment and the other people? How do I listen deeply/inwardly in the complex and diverse relational field of the city so that I can perceive more clearly what is being offered to me at the sensory level from the outside and engage an “improvised dance” between the inputs I get from the outside and my internal impulses?

The Public and Geelong

A one day symposium in the City of Geelong that will look at public pedagogy. The City of Geelong has recently produced Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future. In part this symposium might address the role of education outside of formal institutes of learning in thinking about what is clever and what is creative?

If any of the above projects are of interest to you or you would like to chat about running a PPI event in your area please contact us.

We have also created a brief survey for anyone interested in participating in the Institute’s projects. The survey can be filled out online and will help us to connect people working on projects with those interested in collaborating. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

I hope 2018 is shaping up to be great year for you. 2018 is also the Year of Life Long Learning, making the work of the Institute all the more important this year!

Dr Karen Charman,

Public Pedagogies Institute