Game Changers

How will future generations engage with knowledge and learning? What kind of impact will the rapidly changing technology industries have on how we learn? Explore these questions and more at Learning Futures, a hypothetical round table discussion into the future of learning.

The panel will consider how our schools and universities are adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the digital and online world, and ways that emerging modes of learning are encouraging us to rethink traditional approaches to education. Delve into current trends, such as the new learning environments that are being fostered outside of the classroom, and discover the exciting technologies that are facilitating these changes.

This conversation will spark a lively debate, pushing the limits of where and how we will encounter knowledge in the future.


Where: VU at MetroWest – 138 Nicholson St, Footscray, VIC 3011

To find out more and register visit the event page.