Dhumbadha Munga – ‘Talking Knowledge’ Forum

Members of the Public Pedagogies Institute are invited to a special forum in Footscray.

The Dhumbadha Munga, or ‘talking knowledge’ forum, will explore the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders learn, develop and reinforce their cultural identity, and express and share their stories.

Friday 28th April 2017, 10.30 am – 12.45 pm
Footscray Community Arts Centre

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are the first nations people of this country and the oldest continuing culture in the world. Their knowledge goes back tens of thousands of years. They have complex and diverse cultures, each with their own unique histories, beliefs and values. As educators, an important part of offering culturally responsive learning opportunities is to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, issues and perspectives.

Guest speakers:

Brett Lee – Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Indigenous Cultural Program,  Ngiyaampaa man from the Wangaybon Nation in Western NSW

Arweet Carolyn Briggs is the CEO of the Boon Wurrung Foundation, which connects Aboriginal youth to their heritage. She is a language and linguistics expert who started her own learning journey in a Neighbourhood House. Carolyn has been actively involved in Native Title, cultural preservation and cultural promotion. She is currently recording her Boon Wurrung language in oral and written form.

Di Borella is an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander woman from Darwin. She is on the ALA Board and has strong expertise is cross cultural awareness. Di is committed to developing people’s awareness of and respect for the different value systems handed down in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, in relation to family, land, sea and heritage.

More information on the Adult Learning Australia website.